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Training Believers for Student Success
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We all have blind spots. The difference is that once they are brought to light, some people choose to do the work to change them, while others overlook them and think they will get better on their own. 

As a believer, I know that you are in the former category because your continual prayer has been to be molded into the image of God. What excites me the most about blind spots is that it is an opportunity to gain knowledge and wisdom about how to improve our lives. I am thrilled to share that God has shown me some blind spots in the body of Christ as it relates to your youth's educational journey and pursuing student success, so I want to use that information to educate, equip and empower you and your youth to pursue student success for His glory!

My goal is to help remove the scales from your eyes by providing hope, inspiration, and practical tools for you and your youth to grow with God and succeed in school!

For over ten years, I have dedicated myself to helping students maximize their success in school, so I know from first-hand experience, as well as have gained the educational background, to guide you and your youth to success. 

Interested in connecting? Don't delay, let's partner today!

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  1. Your youth will develop a new perspective of Christ-centered student success 

  2. Your youth will learn practical information to apply to their every day life in school

  3. Your youth will have fun while completing intentional, reflective assignments

  4. Your youth will become empowered to let their light shine in school

  5. Your youth will feel more confident transitioning from middle school to high school, to college and their career

  6. Your youth will understand what it takes from them to succeed in school

  7. Your youth will learn about financial aid process and how to get money for school

  8. Your youth will gain a deeper understanding of how their purpose and career are connected 

  9. Your youth will feel excited to keep God first as they pursue their educational journeys

  10. Your youth will be inspired to tell their peers about how much the workshops have been a blessing

  11. Your youth's parents will learn about the information that their youth need to know to succeed in school 

  12. Your youth's parents will better understand how to support and meet their needs of their youth

  13. Your youth's parents will explore how they can Let Go and Let God Lead

  14. Your youth's parents will develop a closer relationship with their youth

  15. Your youth's parents will connect with other like-minded parents desire to guide their youth to success

  16. You will learn how to get buy-in from their leadership to support their youth in school

  17. Youth leaders will develop a closer relationship with their youth and their families

  18. You will feel empowered to create tools and resources to better support their ministry

  19. You will witness how much an impact the workshops have had in your youth

  20. You will learn about how to best support their youth in your educational journeys 

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Check out the featured student success workshops that are available to help you and your youth navigate these challenging times.

Contact me so we can discuss how I may be of service to your youth!


COVID-19 has changed the lives of your youth in unimaginable ways. In a matter of days, they went from having hundreds of daily interactions with their teachers and peers in school and attending weekly services, to completing their work and attending church virtually. For most students, including believers, the motivation to complete school online has been a struggle. This is why we want to educate your youth with the 'how-tos' of understanding the connection between their relationship with God and their success in school, especially during these unprecedented times. The good news? This workshop aims to do just that! Give your youth the gift of Spirit led inspiration today!


Parents have always been tasked with the responsibility of training their children at home, and now for most parents, they have become their child's teacher, too. Now more than ever, parents must depend on Christ to help them during these challenging times! When believing parents take matters into their own hands, they often end up causing unnecessary conflict, negatively impacting their relationship with their children, which doesn't serve anyone well. God has given parents the blueprint to lead their children, and He's given us the tools to make it easy to do so in this new COVID-19 reality. This is a much needed workshop for your youth's parents - don't wait, book today!


Student success is typically not a topic that youth leaders are addressing in their church on a consistent basis. However, since the start of COVID-19, youth leaders around the country have been asking themselves, "How can I address my youth's needs during this uncertain time?" And that's where we come in. Like you, we want your youth to excel in school, and we're encouraging your youth to do it for God's glory. Don't know how to implement that from a virtual lens? No worries - we do! It's never been a better time to focus on your youth's growth with God and success in school, and with everyone online, now is the time to act. Ready to take your youth to the next level? Let's partner today!

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As believers, we know that trouble doesn't last always. Although we have three featured workshops to serve you and your youth during these challenging times, I have six additional workshops that we have created to serve you and your youth. Read more about them below!

Contact me so we can discuss how I may be of service to your youth!


Financial Aid and You: Making Wise Decisions for College Pt. 1 (Overview of Financial Aid)

With so many definitions and the constantly changing landscape of financial aid, your middle school and high school youth need someone who is well-versed in the financial aid process and has worked with hundreds of students to complete their financial aid forms. This workshop is for youth, parents/families and caring adults, and youth leaders who want to learn the basics of financial aid. Contact me today to schedule this need-to-know-information! You will walk away feeling more knowledgeable about financial aid requirements and why this matters as a believer.

Financial Aid and You: Making Wise Decisions for College Pt. 2 (Scholarship Application Process)

It is a well known fact that college is expensive; however, the more effort that your youth put into applying for scholarships, the greater your chances are of reducing the amount of money that is paid out of pocket or taken out in loans. I have specifically created this workshop for middle school and high school youth who are believers. In this workshop, not only will we focus on the details of the scholarship application process, but will do so in a way that honors God by reviewing what the Bible has to say about money. Let me help your youth start the scholarship application process off right!

Saved and Headed to Middle School

Do you remember your first day of middle school? It may have been filled with a lot of different emotions, which is understandable. You were making a big transition--leaving elementary school behind and walking into an unfamiliar setting, which can be challenging for some students. Saved and Headed to Middle School addresses the changes that youth who are transitioning to middle school encounter and focuses on preparing youth for what to expect, shares ideas worth exploring, and finally, gives them wisdom on how to excel! While this workshop is best suited for youth who are transitioning to middle school, youth who are already in middle school will certainly benefit this content.

Saved and Headed to High School

By the time a youth is preparing to transition to high school, they must be committed to building the strong foundation that they developed in middle school, while embracing new experiences and challenges in high school. Some of these changes, include more freedom, yet additional responsibility, as well as more opportunities to engage in activities/clubs or work. If it sounds like a lot to balance, that is because it usually is, and this is one of the reasons that I would highly recommend this workshop for youth who are transitioning to high school. Even if a youth is already in high school, they, too, would be able to find the value in this workshop! The areas that we will focus on, include dedicating yourself to God, dominating your academics and decorating your portfolio for success!

Saved and Headed to College-Career

Of all the transitions that a youth can make in their educational journey, graduating from high school and heading to college can be one of the most challenging experiences that a youth can face! Not only  are most youth still trying to learn their identity, often times, many of them are moving away from home for the first time, too, which has has its own set of challenges. And at the same token, it is a well-known fact that not everyone is interested in attending college, and that is okay! This is why it is particularly important for high school seniors to consult God about His plans for them. Whether your youth are interested in attending college, or if they have an alternative post-secondary plan, this workshop will meet the needs of your graduating high school seniors. During this workshop, we will address the importance of focusing on their next steps and goals, fixing-up the areas of growth and finishing senior year strong!

The Big Merge: Aligning Your Purpose, College Aspirations and Career Plans for God's Glory​

God has a purpose for all of us. It is up to us to seek Him to determine His plan for us. Knowing this information is critical for your middle school and high school students who may be apt to pick a career that they, "like," without consulting God. Whether we realize it or not, a youth's purpose, major and career are connected. Let me take your youth on a journey as they explore the ways in which they can align their purpose, college aspirations and career plans for God's glory. I would love to empower your youth with the wisdom that God has given me! Book this workshop today!

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