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We provide relevant, reliable, and easy to understand student success information when you need it the most!

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"I was trying to figure out the financial aid and scholarship process for awarding money at my son's new college. Deandra was able to navigate the red tape for me and get information regarding the process for receiving financial aid funds at my son's school. She helped set our expectations and minimized our frustration with the financial aid process. Deandra was knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and customer focused. I would recommend Deandra Smith to other parents because she is a key advocate and advisor needed to guide parents who don't understand or are new to the financial aid and scholarship process, which can vary by educational institution."

The Proud Parent of a Georgia High School Student

Felicia S., mother of J.S.

"The Big Merge workshop was very helpful to me and other students. I think the workshop will motivate more students to go to college if they were not planning to." 

Kiana W.,

Middle School Student

"The, "Let Go and Let God Lead Your Youth," workshop was extremely thought provoking and helped me to assess my parenting style, why I parent the way that I do, and what I'm doing well and what I need to improve. Deandra presented parenting truths in an inviting and unassuming way, making it easy to receive the information. This workshop also helped me to begin to view planning for my child's future as a strategic decision that requires my faith in God for the vision and my active engagement throughout the process. Thank you so much!"

Glenda H.,

Parent of High School Junior

"If you are reading this testimonial now and you're currently not sure whether you should or shouldn’t use Deandra Smith’s services, let me strongly encourage you to do so! I believe whenever we are doing research and comparing one company to another, the underlining question we always have is, what separates this company from the others? After utilizing Deandra's services, I can tell you from personal experience, Deandra is doing what God created her to do! I was personally able to witness her gifting and her passion in action. Her desire and commitment to help kids succeed is evident and overflowing from the moment you meet her. As leaders of the youth ministry, we were praying that God would send somebody that was very knowledgeable who could also articulate the information in a way that our youth could understand regarding all the financial resources they didn’t know was available FOR THEM! Deandra was truly an ANSWERED prayer. From the moment we started working with her, we knew she was going to bless the kids. In our initial meeting with her, she asked all the right questions and everything she said reflected how much she cared for the youth of today. And her presentation to youth was nothing short of EXCELLENT. She was engaging, and her presentation was insightful yet EASY for ANYBODY to follow. As a result, our youth group walked away encouraged and motivated, understanding that going to college and having the financial resources to pay for it was DEFINITELY possible for each of them! I would HIGHLY recommend Deandra services to anyone. The truth of the matter is not everybody that is in business today is doing what they were born to do. The bottom line is that Deandra Smith IS and that will be very evident TO YOU from the moment you meet her!"

Dale B.,

A High School Youth Leader at Agape Embassy Ministries 

"I liked how well organized the workshop was and the information that was taught. The Big Merge workshop gave me an understanding about how important it is to, "connect the dots," now so my life would be easier, and allow me to be successful."

Jeremiah G.,

High School Student

Zaida H., High School Student, Mentioned: "This workshop about merging our gifts opened my mind to what I should pray about and pay more attention to in my everyday life. It also helped me to learn how to start discovering my gifts and what I might want to do in the future."

Zaida H.,

High School Student

"I learned a new path of how to find my purpose and this presentation helped me think more about my future and how to get there."

Caia W.,

High School Student  

"This financial aid workshop was extremely helpful in the sense that it was informative. Some of the information I knew already, but much of it was material that was new. This workshop was truly a blessing because it answered the majority of questions that I didn't even know I had."

Ashley S.,

High School Student

"I had the opportunity to hear two presentations from Deandra. One was to a group of youth and their parents. The information she presented was informative, helpful and enlightening. It allowed parents to receive detail information that they may not have had the opportunity to receive in another setting. It also encouraged parents to learn that they should allow their student children to take an active and responsible role in researching college resources on their own. I thought that piece was amazing because it placed a degree of ownership onto the youth as they would be the main beneficiary of the financial aid. The second presentation was mainly to a group of high school and a few middle school students. This was an interactive session where the youth actually got hands-on experience looking at websites to research scholarship criteria. They also received essay writing instruction and guidelines which I am sure was more extensive than the general information may receive from their high school guidance counselors. I wish I would have been introduced to someone with Deandra’s expertise, care, and concern before I went to college.  The majority of my undergraduate degree and some graduate schooling was financed by parent and student loans. It was not until I took time off from school for a year and worked in the financial aid office that I learned of the abundance amount of financial aid available. By this time I had already accrued a huge student loan bill. I would encourage anyone who is either sending youth to college or attending college themselves to utilize Deandra’s business expertise." 

Danette A.,

A High School Youth Leader at Agape Embassy Ministries

"I enjoyed learning about the different majors. I thought that the workshop was very educational and I learned a lot from it. I learned that your purpose and gifts are aligned with what your major and career will be."

Ashantel E.,

High School Student

"My family and I were having challenges finding scholarship money and information for our son who was starting his freshmen year at George Mason University. Deandra provided us with pages and pages of information we never knew about for all kinds of scholarships for this specific university. Deandra was fast, efficient and effective. She is warm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. As parents, there is so much that we don't know or even where to start in reference to this type of information, which is why I would recommend Deandra to other parents. I attended a youth seminar that she gave and the information was such a blessing and very helpful to the youth from ages 13 and up. I would like to add that Deandra and her business are a blessing to the parents and kids that need help with this path in life. It truly has helped me and my family and I would recommend Believers Education Collaborative to others."

Yolanda S.,

From a Proud Parent of a Virginia College Student, S.C.

"I liked how Deandra had activities with her lessons and how she explained everything. Going into today, I did not know what I wanted to do, and today, I found out a little bit more about what I want to do in the future." 

Jesye G.,

High School Student

"The Big Merge workshop helped me to find the specific order in which I should start to live my life according to God's plan for me. I also liked the group activity"

Zaria W.,

High School Student

"I enjoyed the interactive activities that we did in the Big Merge workshop. This workshop definitely helped me realize how much thought I need to put into my career and the importance of having a plan for my future."

Joseph J.,

Middle School Student

"Deandra was extremely accommodating regarding her availability.  I believe the participants found the workshop well-structured, comprehensive, rich in content, and very useful to everyone in attendance.  The workshop also provided an excellent opportunity for the students and parents to learn from one another as Deandra allowed a time slot for questions and answers.  In addition, she was very accommodating with our group to schedule the workshop at our convenience. The arrangement of the workshop and her level of commitment to excellence was highly appreciated by all participants. It was mentioned amongst the youth leaders at our church that they would recommend more such workshops should be organized, maybe at least once a quarter. Deandra is a wealth of information and has a true heart to serve.  She has a distinct care of meeting the needs of people.  The workshop was insightful and provided excellent information.  Each meeting was very organized and well thought out, being full of purpose.  They dealt comprehensively and collectively with many issues that both students and parents had addressed, and provided an excellent opportunity to learn and exchange experiences with the attendees. I personally enjoyed the workshops due to the discussion time and interactive sessions and hands on exercises Deandra created. They were well thought out and strategically orchestrated.  All topics discussed were relevant to the subject matter, and extremely thought provoking. All participants were engaged in discussions and the planned activities, so there was no room for anyone to lose interest."

Glenn W.,

Youth Director of Middle and High School Students at Agape Embassy Ministries

"The Big Merge workshop was very good and it showed me that I need to ask God about my gift and not be upset if it's not what I had in mind."

Gabriella G.,

High School Student

"Deandra showed me that I cannot decide for myself what I want to do in life and that I have to go before God and ask Him what He wants me to do."

Matthew W.,

High School Student