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Student Success VBS

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Thank you for your interest in the Believers Student Success Program's first module, Virtual Student Success VBS. This 1-week, college, and career prep VBS, is sure to inspire your Christian, middle school, and high school youth to grow in their faith in God while learning what it takes to succeed in college, and in their careers. 

During Virtual Student Success VBS, we will:

  • Pray, meditate on scripture, and make an intentional decision to keep God first in school

  • Uncover key college readiness and preparation skills for middle school and high school

  • Complete strategic, reflective activities that draw youth closer to Christ and student success

  • Engage in relevant lesson starters to build community and connection with other students

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps:

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Virtual Student Success VBS Enrollment Form

We are excited to serve you and your child during Virtual Student Success VBS!!!

Virtual Student Success VBS - FAQS

What is the cost of Virtual Student Success VBS? The cost is $50 per student (At this time, we have a limit of three children per household. Parents who are interested in registering more than two children will be notified if additional spots become available.


What is the date and time of Virtual Student Success VBS? The program is 1-week in duration and will be held on the dates and time below:

Middle School Session: July 12 - 16  6 - 7PM

High School Session:    July 26 - 30   6 - 7PM


What type of content will be covered in Virtual Student success VBS? We will discuss college and career readiness and preparation, including financial aid, determining a major, planning for the future, etc., using our custom curriculum created by our Founder and CEO, Deandra Smith.


What makes Virtual Student Success VBS different from other summer programs? Unlike most college and career readiness and preparation programs, we are specifically focused on preparing Christian middle school and high school students using a faith-based approach with the tools they need to succeed in school, college and in their career. We pray, talk about the word of God and His standards for us as believers, and we make it relatable and educational for believers.


My child will be in the 5th grade for this upcoming school year - can they participate, too? No, this program, and all of our services, are designed for students in middle school and high school (grades 6 - 12). If your child is currently in the 5th grade, and is a rising th grader, they are eligible to participate.


What online platform will be used to host the sessions?  We will be using Zoom for the entirety of the program. Most students will likely have an account due to virtual learning; however, if you and your child do not have an account, please create a free account by visiting


Will parents need to join their child during the sessions?  Parents and family members are always welcome to join their child at any time to learn more about the topics that we will be covering and to be engaged in their child’s learning process, but it is not required. We do ask that the child is leading their own discovery during the sessions. It is important to note that your child will have homework each night, which will be reviewed the following day prior to discussing the next session, and they will have a final presentation to complete. The presentations will take place on Friday, and a small selection of youth will be asked to share their presentation with all participants.


Does my child need to attend every session?  While it is not a requirement for your child to attend each session, it is strongly encouraged so that they can receive the maximum benefits of participating in the program.


Will the sessions be recorded?  Yes, we do plan to record the sessions for internal purposes only and do not plan to distribute the videos to participants. If your child is not able to join one or more of the sessions, they will still have access to the activities discussed. If you or your child has any questions, please follow-up with me, and I would be happy to address any questions. 


What information, if any, does my child need to know in order to participate in Virtual Student Success VBS? We will provide your child with the nuts and bolts for college and career readiness and preparation while encouraging them to reflect on their personal educational journey and post-secondary pursuits. Whether your child has already started preparing for college or their career, or if this is their first time diving into this work, they are going to be blessed by our content! We are confident that it will be both useful and a blessing to them.

Please note that while this program provides an excellent overview of college and career readiness and preparation,it does not replace the one-on-one attention of a college or guidance counselor. If you and your child are looking to receive more individualized support, we are happy to talk about purchasing our Student Success One-on-One Coaching, or Student Success Strategy Calls.


How can I learn more about the services of Believers Education Collaborative, LLC? To learn more information about our services, please click on the, “Work With Us,” link at the top of our website. We consider it an honor and a privilege to serve believers as we educate, equip and exhort them to pursue student success for God’s glory!  


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Thank you again! we look forward to serving you and your child soon!

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