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In 2010, I was a newly admitted graduate student who was passionate about helping students to succeed in school. I had always wanted to know how I could make an impact in the lives of Christian students, but I didn't always know how to do it. After providing college counseling to a couple of family members about how to succeed in college while keeping God first, I realized that God had shown me my purpose - to educate, equip and exhort believers about how to obtain student success! Since that time, I have made a commitment to help believers pursue student success for God's glory.

And now, I'm providing Christian parents of middle and high school children with the educational tools and resources to do just that!

Like most parents today, you may define your child's success in school and in life as making straight A's, going to college, getting a good job, making a ton of money, buying a fancy house or car, etc. And while those things are nice to have, how often do you hear your child talk about achieving student success to simply bring glory to God?... Rarely, if at all, and I am on a mission to change that for believers around the world! 


Pursuing student success for God's glory should be a no-brainer for your child- everything else must be secondary! Allow me to help you, help your child learn what it means to grow with God, and succeed in school, simultaneously!

Speaking Engagements: Text
Speaking Engagements: Text


Speaking with youth about their future may be a difficult concept for your youth to grasp since it may feel like it is so far away, which is where I come in. Let me help you reach your youth so that they understand the urgency of keeping God first as they succeed in school.

  • Youth Conferences

  • Youth Retreats

  • Youth Weekly Services

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Back-to-School Programs

  • Christian College Fairs

Don't see your event listed? Contact me so we can discuss how I may be of service to your youth!


As believers, we know that trouble doesn't last always. Although we have two featured workshops to serve you and your youth during these challenging times, I have three additional talks to serve you and your youth. Read more about them below!

Contact me so we can discuss how I may be of service to your youth!

Believers Who Achieve!

As a believer who has successfully navigated the educational system and has learned the strategies that it takes to succeed, I want to inspire your youth to do the same! Listen, one of the most impactful ways that we can help our youth to grow is by encouraging them to strive for excellence, always, both in their walk with Christ and in school! During this talk, I will provide you and your youth the insight and biblical guidance that God has given me to help them become successful students, whether they are an, 'A' student, or are having a hard time staying motivated. Let me do the heavy lifting as we work together to inspire your youth to succeed for God's glory!

Saved and In School

Being a believer does not guarantee that your youth will be able to avoid the challenges that will be presented to them. It does, however, mean that with Christ on their side, their is nothing that they cannot overcome. It is vital that your youth understand the power and influence that they have as a student, especially in light of all of the grade-level transitions that they will experience and the temptations that they may encounter. The goal of  this talk is to point them to Jesus Christ! He is the only person who can help them to overcome. During this talk, we will explore what it means to be, 'Saved in School' and how maintaining their faith in God is the key to having a successful educational journey!

Invest in Student Success

It is vital that as believing parents and youth leaders, we are engaged and intentional about helping our youth to pursue student success for God's glory. You might be thinking, "I don't have the skillset, or the time to do that;" however, I want to reassure you that do you do! Join Deandra, as she walks you through what you can do to invest in your youth's student success, whether you are at home, or in the church. Learn how to make meaningful connections with your youth that have both natural and spiritual benefits, using the word of God. If you are looking for more ways to better understand your role in investing in your youth, this talk is for your church!

Speaking Engagements: List
Speaking Engagements: List


  1. Your youth will be inspired to develop a closer relationship with God

  2. Your youth will desire to put their best effort forth in school

  3. Your youth will have fun while learning about what it takes to succeed in school

  4. Your youth will be more intentional about being an ambassador for Christ in school

  5. Your youth will have a successful role-model who is a believer to look up to

  6. Your youth will learn about how to navigate the everyday challenges they face in school

  7. Your youth will be educated about making successful transitions in school

  8. Your youth will commit to being more engaged in their planning process for the future

  9. Your youth will be encouraged to be a positive role-model in school, displaying the love of Christ 

  10. Your youth will feel that the talk was insightful and helped them to reflect on their future goals

  11. As a parent, you will feel good that youth are being encouraged to do well in school while getting closer to God

  12. As a parent, you will appreciate that another believing adult can connect other youth and speak into their life

  13. As a parent, you will learn about additional resources to support youth in their educational journey

  14. As a parent, you will feel empowered to encourage their youth to keep God first in all that they do

  15. As a parent, you will learn about some of the current challenges that their youth are facing and how to support them

  16. As a parent, you will feel energized to help guide their youth to success

  17. Youth ministry leaders will witness the impact of the talk in the weeks and months to come

  18. Youth ministry leaders will learn about additional ways to support youth in their educational journeys

  19. Youth ministry leaders will be able to follow-up on the themes that resonated with your youth

  20. Youth ministry leaders can learn about new ways to engage with youth based on your youth's reactions during the talk

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