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Make A Donation Today to Be A Blessing to A Youth In Need of Coaching!

We all know at least one youth who could benefit from services that is aimed towards helping their youth to align their purpose, academics, college aspirations and career plans for God's glory! Since the Bible encourages us to give as believers, let's help youth in need today. When you give, it shall be given back to you. Please know that 100 percent of every dollar you donate goes directly to funding scholarships for students to receive group coaching.  I am deeply appreciative of each and every gift.

Suggested donations are at least $10 to help us further the mission of serving our youth to obtain academic, college and career success! Here's how you can bless a believing youth with your gift in the form of a one-time or monthly payment:

$1000 Sponsor (20 youth receive coaching)

$500 Sustainer (10 youth receive coaching)

$250 Supporter (5 youth receive coaching)

$100 Friend (2 youth receive coaching)

Will you donate today and be a blessing to our youth?

*Please note that your donation will not be tax-deductible as we are not a non-profit and do not operate as such.

Scholarship Fund: Welcome
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