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Available March 15

One of the most important things that we can impress upon our middle and high school Christian children is that the desire to obtain student success must be about one thing...God's glory!

“Always give your best in school,” they said. “Keep God first in school,” they said. “Be a light and an example to your peers,” they said. What they didn’t say was how to accomplish this.


Deandra Smith gets it. And she wants to ensure that your Christian child in middle and high school gets it, too! Your child can accomplish this and more with Deandra Smith's expert guidance in Saved in School: A Memoir!


If you are a Christian parent who is looking for the information, strategies, and tools to help your middle and high school child succeed with the help of Christ - good news - you are reading the right message, at the right time! 

Saved in School: A Memoir takes readers through writer and devout Christian, Deandra Smith’s, most formative years through middle school, high school, and college. Deandra shares her highs and lows in deep detail, from forming her identity in Christ in middle school to losing her grandmother in high school and failing her first test in college; the story is raw and real as it gets.

In the book, Deandra reflects on these years of her life, telling us what she would have done differently while encouraging students to reflect on their educational journey. Most importantly, the story offers a glimpse into Deandra’s lifelong devotion to God — serving as a mentor for all Christian youth. You’ll find practical advice within the book on what it takes to live for Christ while learning how to thrive in school. 

Join Deandra Smith as she walks you through her educational experiences of being, "Saved in School." Preparing for middle school and high school as a Christian student just got better, and Deandra Smith is excited to bring you and your child along on the ride! Grab a book for your child and their friend today!

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