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Headed to College? Twenty Ways to Stay Saved As You Transition to College!

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Transitioning from one grade to the next is a big deal, and the transition to college is no exception. As a matter of fact, it can be one of the most important transitions in a young person's life, right behind the transition from elementary to middle school.

And for the record, I both acknowledge and realize from first-hand experience that college is not the best fit for everyone. Yes, attending college is a noble endeavor to pursue, yet if a young person is not interested in continuing their education in a college setting, or if they desire to start their career immediately after high school, that is perfectly fine. It is never okay to force our child to go to college against their will, especially since we are talking about young adults who will soon be making their decisions anyway. God doesn't force us to do things against our will - it never ends up being beneficial in the end - so neither should we. Ultimately, God knows the plans for our youth's lives, so it is wise for them to consult Him. In the meantime, parents and youth leaders should continue to pray to God on behalf of their youth that God will give them direction they need to succeed in school, college, their career and life!

Now, for the youth who are interested in going to college, I am excited to share that I have put together this list of twenty ways to help them stay saved as they transition to college. Whether they are currently in middle school or high school, and especially if they just graduated from high school, my prayer is that they will find this information to be relevant and applicable before heading to college! Oh, and when I talk about ‘staying saved,’ I am referring to living a representative of Christ. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let's dive into the points:

1. The cost to maintain your relationship with God will be huge, but it will all be worth it.

2. There will be parties, drinks, and drugs. Just say no to it all.

3. Once you get connected to other believers, college life becomes 1000x better!

4. Remember the foundation with which you were taught from your home church.

5. Ask for prayer when you need it from a trusted, wise godly counselor.

6. We all need prayer! Continue to send your tithes and offerings to your home church until you get connected locally.

7. When you are ready, join a local church and become involved in a familiar, or new ministry.

8. Seek God about how you can be a blessing to someone you don’t know on campus.

9. Serve as a mentor for other students who are headed to college and want to know your story.

10. Become knowledge about what’s happening with other Christians around the country.

11. Be thankful that you can worship God freely—many are killed every day for professing Christ!

12. Take your bible with you everywhere you go. You never know when you may need to pull it out!

13. Always seek to lead others in what you say and do because your peers are watching you.

14. Find ‘your spot’ on campus where you feel free to spend time in the word and pray to God.

14. The Holy Spirit is with you and will lead you into all truth and understanding. Don’t reject Him!

15. The more scriptures that you can get into your heart, the better. It will encourage you to go on.

16. Take your studies seriously! College is a way to get knowledge to fulfill your purpose.

17. You are not perfect. You will find this out soon.

18. Ask God for forgiveness and keep it moving.

19. When you think that college is becoming too hard, look to God to receive help and strength.

20. Remember, only what you do for Christ will last!

So, there you have it! It's easy to stay, 'Saved in School,' when our youth stay focused on Christ. We need to encourage our youth to continue to seek Him first and to bring glory to Him in all that they say and do, which is only possible through Christ! Be blessed!

Your Favorite Student Success Expert, Deandra Smith

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