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Student Success Skills Development

Is your child forgetting key school supplies at home daily? Shoving papers in their binders wherever they can fit? Struggling to have consistent motivation throughout the school year? If you're looking to help them improve their success in school, then we invite you to invest in student success skills coaching. Together, we can focus on the how-tos of developing the skillets they need to succeed.  We will provide your child with the extra nudge to keep them on track and to eventually succeed without our guidance, which includes getting them organized, developing a learning mindset, strengthening their study skills, maintaining consistent levels of motivation, prioritizing what's important and strategic planning. If they do not conquer their challenges, which can be done through Christ, and with your and our support,  it will be difficult for them to have a smooth transition to the next grade-level. Let us help you, help them win! 

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College and Career Prep According to His Purpose

Planning for college can start as early as middle school! With so many details to manage in the college application process, it may be a challenge to remain on top of everything that you need to get done. The college application can be very rewarding when everything is said and done; however, before it's all over, you may feel tired, stressed, and overwhelmed during the process. This is where we can help: we can work with you as we explore majors, careers, and post-secondary plans, plan for college visits, interview prep, resume reviews, college essays, completing college applications, completing financial aid forms, setting goals, and more. Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Let us coach you as you prepare to obtain college success.





Do you only have a few questions here and there and need more than one strategy call to address a specific topic? Well, the 4-session package may be ideal for you. This package is particularly recommended for parents and children who have limited time, and are ready to jump right in and address their challenges head first.


Nice and Steady 

Looking for the coaching sweet spot? This 8-session coaching package is ideal for parents and children who need want to take the time to explore one to two challenge areas using a more thoughtful approach. With the perfect time frame and an affordable cost, you cannot go wrong with this package!


Deep Dive 

With so much to do and so little time, covering one or two topics in 4 or 8 sessions may feel too rushed. If you and your child are eager to do more, would like to be coached in multiple areas, and want to see their progress come full-circle during a longer period of time, then I highly encourage parents to consider this 16-session service!.



Making Faith in Jesus and Student Success Personal
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Because of our relationship with Jesus Christ, in addition to our extensive background in teaching, higher education, coaching, mentoring, and advising students for over 10 years, choosing us to be your middle and/or high school child's student success coach extends means that your money will be well-spent. We provide your child with one-on-one coaching via an online platform, making our services accessible to those who need it the most. When your child enrolls in our one-on-one coaching, they will receive a custom coaching plan, including notes, tips, and resources to utilize beyond our coaching experience. 

While we have a sincere desire to serve you, we also want to ensure that we can provide you with the best service possible. As such, we only have a limited number of spots on our roster for individual coaching.


If you are serious about taking your child to the next level, we invite you to enroll them in one of our three signature packages today!


Here's What You Get in Our Package Plans...

Student Success Skills Development

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One-on-One Coaching: Services
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One-on-One Coaching: Welcome
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