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We are going on a road trip, and the destination is success- want to join us? Grab your youth and let's go!

If you are a Christian church, school or organization that has the desire to learn more about how your youth can obtain academic, college and career success, and you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to hosting a workshop, then my group coaching services may be the best fit for you! I recently launched these services to provide believing youth with the opportunity to access my expertise and years of experience through group coaching calls and online sessions.

There are so many benefits of participating in a virtual learning community. As a matter of fact, research shows that students who learn in a group show an increase in their academics in comparison to working alone, in addition to displaying gains in their communication skills, problem-solving and more. Will you join our tribe of believers? 

How it works:

  1. Review the success coaching service below

  2. Determine if the service meets your needs

  3. Contact Deandra to book a session

  4. Begin receiving group success coaching services with Deandra!

Keep reading to learn more about my signature group coaching service! 

Group Coaching: Welcome
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Are you a Christian church, school or youth organization who has been looking for intentional ways to further engage your youth about their academics, college and career plans with a Christ-centered approach and actually has the time to implement a program, but just do not know where to start? Or, would you LOVE to implement such a program with your youth, but you do not have the time, resources or skill set to do so and would prefer that someone (like me :) ) coach your youth? Regardless of your response, The Believers Ed Club is for you!   

The Believers Ed Club is our signature group coaching service that seeks to empower youth leaders to provide in-house coaching to their youth to help them obtain academic, college and career success using our biblically based curriculum.

While the program was created for youth leaders to instruct youth with the curriculum, we understand that  youth leaders can elect to be trained in the program so that they can implement it in their organization. that is comprised of youth leaders who are trained with our customized academic, college and career success curriculum to create a supportive community around educational and career success amongst their youth. Once trained, youth leaders instruct their youth with our curriculum by teaching either eight or twelve short lessons on study skills, goal-setting, time management and so much more!

The purpose of this club is to further develop community within your youth organization of believing youth who are seeking to understand God's purpose for them while aligning their academics, college aspirations, and career plans.

Need some assistance stressing the importance of doing well in school while keeping God first, but do not have time to facilitate this awesome program? Let me do the heavy lifting and coach your youth today! Click on the button below to find out more!

Group Coaching: About
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