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You have taken the first step to glorify God through your child's education! 

During our Discovery Call, you can expect to:
  • Build immediate rapport with a student success expert who is excited to learn more about you and your middle and/or high school child's specific situation and needs

  • Engage in a meaningful conversation that is tailored to identify your pain points and provide you with a quick win to help your child succeed in school for God's glory!

Get started in two easy steps:

1. Complete the BelieversEd Youth Education Assessment below

2. Book your free, 20-minute Discovery Call to discuss your assessment results

BelieversEd Youth Education Assessment

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Believers Education Collaborative, LLC's, Youth Education Assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to provide us with a holistic perspective of your middle and/or high school child's educational needs, as well as to inform us about the best strategies to support your and your child during our 20-minute Discovery Call, which you will be able to book after you complete this form.

Please plan to spend at least 20-minutes completing this form in one sitting as you cannot save a partially completed form. All of your responses will remain confidential and will not be shared with third parties without your consent.

 We are excited to serve you in your pursuit of 

student success for God's glory! 

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