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Enrollment Now Open!!!

(Recent High School Graduates from the Class of 2021 ONLY)

Equipping Christian, recent high school graduates to be 
'Day 1'ready
for college
and their careers! 
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What is Believers Start Strong?
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Believers Start Strong is a one-day, 2-hour, power-packed session that is only held in the summer and aims to prepare Christian, recent high school graduates with a strong foundation to succeed in college and their careers. Graduates can choose to participate in one or both sessions, depending on their post-secondary plans. We offer a college transition session for students transitioning to college and a career transition session for students starting their careers. Due to limited capacity, we are only able to accommodate recent high school graduates from the Class of 2021.

The Believers Student Success Program (7
This Program is For Your Recent High School Graduate If...
  • They desire to keep God first in all they do

  • They are (or will be) a graduate in the Class of 2021 

  • They have plans to transition to college or their career

  • They want to get a head start on building the key skills they need to succeed in their new journey

  • They desire to meet and build connections with other Christians who have similar endeavors

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When is Believers Start Strong?

Both the college and career transition sessions will be held on the same dates at different times:

College Transition

June 12, 2021   10AM – 12PM

Career Transition   

July 10, 2021   10 AM – 12PM

How Do I Access The Believers Start Strong Sessions?
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The sessions will be held via an online platform. Participants will receive an email with the information to access their session prior to the event. 

Here's The Benefits Of Attending Believers Start Strong. Graduates will:
  • Receive recognition for their recent (or upcoming) graduation

  • Be encouraged to keep God first as they pursue their new endeavors

  • Learn the nuts and bolts of transitioning to college, and being, "Saved in School"

  • Understand the key things one should know when transitioning into a career

  • Meet recent high school graduates and begin building connections with other believers

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Give Your Recent High School Graduate:


One Session:
ONLY $30!!!


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Two Sessions:
ONLY $50!!!

Your graduate's college and career journey with Christ begins:

Right here.

Right now.

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